Wed, 18 Apr 2012 11:13:44 GMT

Make a career in TV anchoring

Television, today, has become our first stop for news, sports and entertainment, and, as a viewer, you are spoilt for choice. And with TV news channels mushrooming by the day, the demand for anchors and reporters has only increased.

Make a career in TV anchoring

While journalism schools today teach you how to be a good journalist, very few focus enough on what to do before the cameras. And fewer prepare you for what to expect once the cameras start rolling.

And that's where Studio Talk comes in -- training, preparing and polishing you in an intensive 14-day program on how to be a television anchor/presenter.

Designed by leading names in the television industry, the course teaches you how to anchor news, business, sports and entertainment. With a well-defined course structure that ensures studio simulation, Studio Talk guides you in achieving the best.

"In television there are no second chances, there is just that one opportunity that you get to prove yourself," says Studio Talk Course Director Mahrukh Inayet Rizvi.

"On television, even the smallest error is magnified for the world to see. Because, contrary to popular perception, television is hard work and for on-air talent it's even tougher. Anchors and presenters have to face all kinds of situations -- from just one-line information on breaking news to anchoring in live situations."

And, Mahrukh Inayet Rizvi should know -- given her rise from a rookie reporter to being among the senior-most anchors in the country todat. It is this extensive experience that has allowed the former Times Now Senior Editor to develop perhaps the only such training program in the country.

While Mahrukh Inayet Rizvi, as course director, will personally oversee the 14-day hands-on training program, Studio Talk will also bring in some of the best names from the television industry as guest lecturers to share their experiences and interact with you.

From the breathlessness of breaking news to understanding the nuances of business and sports anchoring to the intricacies of entertainment and live events anchoring, Studio Talk prepares you for every kind of situation.

"This programme is a must for anyone looking to work before the camera. It's a programme meant to ensure that you do not make the same mistakes that I did," says Mahrukh.


The course has been divided into 10 modules:

  • Teleprompter Training
  • Fundamental of News Anchoring
  • Handling 'Breaking News'
  • Reporting the News (on-field reportage)
  • Business Anchoring
  • The Art of Interviewing Celebrities
  • Sports Anchoring
  • Anchoring for Music Channels
  • Entertainment anchoring
  • Inside the Television Newsroom

The guest lecturers include:

  • Mandira Sawhney Lalwani, former Presenter, Times Now, ESPN, TenSports & Star News
  • Prerana Thakur Desai, Producer, Aamir Khan Productions
  • Ragini Kumar, former Sports Anchor, Times Now
  • Shruti Rajkumar, Anchor & Producer, CNBC
  • Mikhail K Vaswani, Presenter, Neo Cricket
  • Ameet Sawant, Producer & Director, 96 Karatz Productions


To find out more and register for the course you can:

Call: +91-9820125420, +91-9004402661