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10 offbeat courses after 12th standard

Here you are, at the crossroads. You have finished your 10+2, and are on a hunt for the course that best suits your taste and chances in the future. A good number of students choose Engineer, Medicine, Management or IT after their PUC. But there are other offbeat, yet interesting, courses too. Here is a collection of 10 of them. Check them out.

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Course Detail

"The soul of India lives in its villages," said Mahatma Gandhi. If you believe that you belong more to rural India than the urban India, this is a course for you. It instills skills in three key areas: society and personal development, agriculture and environmental management, and business management. It aims to prepare graduates to play multiple roles in the development of a rural and regional community.

What you will learn (subject to syllabus)

Animal Husbandiary and Dairy science
Horticulture and Forestry
Farm Management & Planning
Plant Breeding
Agricultural Chemistry
Clothing and textile
Diet therapy
Child development
Food microbiology
Principles of economics


A 10+2 in Science

Career prospects

Thought a post-graduation will better equip you for a job, a BCD can work for the following:
Private sector organizations that deal with rural issues
Public service organizations for local agriculturalists
Non-profit organisations
Government agencies
Rural development

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