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Career options after interior designing

Interior designing, a field that requires creativity and good sense of aesthetics, has a number of career options for students with a degree in interior designing.

Career options after interior designing

There are a wide number of options that an interior designer can choose to work in depending on the person's talent, capability, creativity and liking. Here are a few options that a student can choose from, after a degree in interior designing.

Hospital designing: It is one of the upcoming fields where designers are required to plan the location and direction of rooms, placement of accessories and medical equipment in a hospital setup.

Hotel designing: This field requires decent interiors, pleasing accessories and paintings to ensure proper ambience for the patrons. Here, the designer is required to have a sense of creativity, awareness of decorative styles and the knowledge of latest or upcoming designs.

Construction Companies: After pursuing a course in interior designing, a person can join a construction company to assist them with the design of their buildings, complexes, bungalows and its interiors.

Freelancers or self employed designers: A person can also work as a freelance designer and can design interiors on individual basis for his customers. In this way, the designer will not be restricted to one particular client, but can have a wide range of clients ranging from individual houses, construction companies and others.

Environmental designing: Nowadays, many of the construction companies are coming up with designs having lot of space for greenery in the premises of the building. This requires the designer to systematically plan and design the space allotted for greenery, in a beautiful and creative way.

Source: Team DNA/ DNA- Daily News & Analysis