Tue, 06 Jul 2010 14:14:28 GMT

Want a political internship? Become an MP's research assistant

New Delhi: Like in most other fields, Indian politics is discovering the benefits of interns or legislative assistants, who while learning about governance, help parliamentarians research policy issues and make informed decisions. The MPs, on their part, call it an "excellent initiative".

Want a political internship? Become an MP's research assistant

More and more MPs in India, like their counterparts in some western countries, are using the services of legislative assistants to get to the bottom of policy issues and make informed interventions in parliament.

The concept of legislative assistants is gaining wider currency following attempts to institutionalise the process. PRS Legislative Research, a New Delhi based not-for-profit research initiative, has started a programme called LAMPs (Legislative Assistance for Members of Parliament) to popularise the concept in parliament and universities.

"We started this mainly because our MPs don't have research staff when they need to prepare for very diverse subjects that come up for discussion. They need to do the research themselves which is very suboptimal. What we feel is that there is an example in other countries where research staff provide well researched and very critical inputs to their policy makers," C.V. Madhukar, director of PRS, told IANS.