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10 firms you can do your internship

Internship is firsthand experience in real work when you are studying and the first step towards your career. Your institution might have compulsory internship and credits. Even if it does not, it is good that you do an internship and get a hang of the work in your field of choice. Most internships do not pay. But there are organisations that pay you upto Rs 25,000 a month. A typical internship will last 10-12 weeks.

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Uday Foundation - NGO

10 firms you can do your internship

The Uday Foundation is an NGO based in New Delhi, working with the children afflicted with birth defects, disorders, syndromes, and various diseases that affect their health condition, education & growth. Prime focus of the NGO isto work closely on Indian public health policy, awareness and implementation of various health related projects for commoncitizen is India.

With a view to spread awareness on Children, Health and Human Rights issues among University students, the Uday Foundation invites application for the internship Programme.

Students of social and behavioral sciences, economics, communication studies and public health/5 years integrated law course/ human rights, sociology and other related social science/masters in social work/MBA and other post graduate degree, diploma

Internship Program
The selected Interns would get the opportunity to work in different areas of issues related to Children, Health and Human Rights, including participation in the review of Programmes of the ongoing projects in the Uday Foundation. Interns will also get an opportunity to have interaction with legal luminaries, Senior Doctors, Social Workers, Senior Journalists as well as other reputed NGOs situated in Delhi. They will be required to study and scrutinize key result area of the Uday Foundation work, present findings to the NGO, compile and analyze statistical data on children and health related issues.

4 to 6 weeks

How to apply
Email Application Form to internship@udayfoundationindia.org

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