Fri, 21 May 2010 09:40:16 GMT | By P. Varadarajan

Column: "School and education should not be confused"

Our car pulled up at yet another of the scores of traffic signals. Newspaper vendors swarmed us and my friend rolled down the window to buy one. Glancing down the front page, he grimaced and said, “Petrol is costlier again.

Column: "School and education should not be confused"

We must switch to a horse-cart. "No, papa," said my friend's little son and added, "Let's get a bullock-cart." When I turned to the boy with a quizzical mien, he clarified, "Because we could get milk as well as a means of transport."

After both of us adults had laughed our heads off, my friend turned to his son and began saying, "you fool! Don't you know..." I cut him short and said, "Wait! The boy needs to be corrected, but his naïve innocence beckons his entry into the world of education. Let us make him aware of it, before correcting him."

School and Education should not be confused. Education enrolls one in the womb and graduates one in the tomb. School must be the mouse race that equips one for the rat race, if it is to be congenial for Education through life. Getting the youngsters to know what counts is more important than how to count. All true Education is to develop the mind, not to stuff the memory. Obviously, developing the mind is not simply learning, but learning to learn.